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Pension Report – Historical Asset Allocation 2021-2022
Pension Report – Miami Parking Chapter – 112.664 Compliance Report 2022
Pension Report – Retirement Plan and Trust Financial Report 2021-2022
Pension Report – Annual Actuarial Valuation Report 2022
Florida Retirement System Current Actuarial Valuation

Digital Assurance Certification

Miami Parking Authority has engaged DAC as its Investor Relations Provider. To view Miami Parking Authority’s secondary market disclosure information:

  1. Go to
  2. In the “DAC for Investors” box on the left, click on “Register” to select your personal username and password. Your username and password will be immediately activated.
  3. Type your username and password in the fields provided on the Home page or Log In page
  4. On the bottom of the “Attention” page, click on “Continue”
  5. On the left in the “Quick Search”, leave the first box defaulted to “Obligor”
  6. Type “Miami” in the second box and click the double arrows
  7. Click on “Miami Parking Authority” to view a list of issues OR click on “Disclosure” to view documents filed

Questions? Please call DAC at 888-824-2663 and speak with a customer service representative.

Financial Reports

Miami Parking Authority financial reports contained on this website are for historical information and represent the Authority’s financial position as of the specific date. Miami Parking Authority assumes no obligation for updating these financial report, and each report is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Authority, and without notice.
Miami Parking Authority has taken reasonable security measures to protect the integrity of its website and the information posted herein. However, no website is fully protected from infiltration. Therefore in the absence of any unauthorized deletion, addition or manipulation of words or data, these financial reports are true and correct as of the date stated.
By viewing monthly and annual financial reports pages, you agree and acknowledge your understanding of this disclaimer.

Monthly 2024

FY2024 – Board Package – 04-30-2024
FY2024 – Board Package – 03-31-2024
FY2024 – Board Package – 02-29-2024
FY2024 – Board Package – 01-31-2024
FY2024 – Board Package – 12-31-2023
FY2024 – Board Package – 11-31-2023
FY2024 – Board Package – 10-31-2023

Monthly 2023

FY2023 – Board Package – 8-31-2023
FY2023 – Board Package – 07-31-2023
FY2023 – Board Package – 06-30-2023
FY2023 – Board Package – 5-31-2023
FY2023 – Board Package – 4-30-2023
FY2023 – Board Package – 03-31-2023
FY2023 – Board Package – 02-28-2023
FY2023 -Board Package – 01-31-2023
FY2023 -Board Package – 12-31-2022

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Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

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