Rental Policy

As the stewards of all City controlled on-street parking spaces within the City of Miami, Miami Parking Authority rents On-Street parking meters and other on-street spaces to interested parties including restaurants, valet parking companies, film crews, construction companies, non-profit agencies, City Departments and private individuals for special event purposes. Miami Parking Authority reserve the right to deny any request that is deemed not in the interest of the general public.

Meter Rental (Online Meter Rental Request)

On-Street parking spaces are rented on a daily basis. The daily rate varies depending on the use. Space rentals for Valet operations are $20 per space per day. Rentals for any other use are $30 per day. Both carry a $50 administrative fee per rental order.

In order to rent any meter, a requisition must be filled out at Miami Parking Authority’s Customer Service Department, located at 40 N.W. 3rd Street (Ground Floor) or online. The name, address and telephone number of a contact person is required. The location and the serial meter number to be rented is also necessary.

The total amount for the parking meter rental MUST BE PRE-PAID. Cash, cashier’s check, money orders and Master Card or Visa are accepted. Payments made by company check should be received (7) seven business days prior to the date of the meter space rental and made payable to Miami Parking Authority. For Online rental requests, First time users must register prior to placing a request and only Master Card or Visa payments are accepted. All meter rental requests are subject to approval. Submission and payment for a Meter Rental Request online is not a guarantee that the request will be approved.

The requisition for the meter space rental must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Parking meters spaces are reserved the night before the event takes place by enforcement officer. The enforcement office is also responsible for removing the reserved meter signage.

When reserved meter parking is purchased for the Coconut Grove area, the purchaser must have a permit signed by the Coconut Grove NET office located at 2820 McFarlane Road and the Miami Parking Authority Customer Service Manager must be notified.

To place a request for meter space rental, please contact:

Customer Service
40 NW 3 ST (Ground Floor)
Miami FL 33128
305-373-6789 ext. 225
[email protected]

Facility Rental

Special leasing arrangements for MPA surface lots and garages are also available for special events and temporary uses. Please contact our Customer Service department to inquire about the availability of special rates or group parking in a specific facility. To place a request for facility parking contact our Customer Service Department.