As the 2024 hurricane season commences, the city of Miami and Miami Parking Authority (MPA) is pleased to announce the opening of the Hurricane Parking Program. The Hurricane Parking Program provides residents and city of Miami employees the opportunity to park one vehicle per household/employee in the Miami Parking Authority garages listed below:

Participants must apply using the Enroll Now button below to register for the program. To complete the application, registrants must provide proof of residency or employment (e.g., utility bill, vehicle registration, city of Miami employee badge). Upon approval of the application, the registrant will receive an email with instructions to download a QR code that will be used to enter and exit their assigned facility during a hurricane. Please note that facilities are assigned based on availability and may not be located near the registrant’s residence.

The Hurricane Parking Program is activated when a Hurricane Watch is issued by the National Hurricane Center or the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Once a Hurricane Watch is issued, registrants may begin entering their designated facility using the QR code issued upon approval. The assigned facility will remain accessible until the facility is full to capacity. At that point, the registrant’s parking assignment may be transferred to a new facility.

Once a Hurricane Warning is issued, all MPA facilities will be closed for the storm’s duration (i.e., no entry/exit) until the Emergency Operations Center deems it is safe to reopen facilities. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for MPA staff to mobilize and reopen parking facilities once the weather warnings are removed.

Upon exiting, registrants must scan the QR code used at the entry to exit the parking facility within 48 hours. If a registrant does not remove their vehicle within 48 hours, the daily rate of the parking facility will be applied to the parking session until the vehicle is removed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Hurricane Parking Program. Please note that registration for the Hurricane Parking Program must be renewed annually.

Enroll at College Station Garage
Enroll at Knight Center Garage
Enroll at Regatta Harbour Garage

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