PayByPhone is an easy and convenient way to pay for parking using your mobile device.

How can I register for PayByPhone?

It’s easy. To register, simply download the PayByPhone app from the App Store or Google Pay, or visit the PayByPhone website at Make sure you have your mobile phone number, email address and credit card that will be used to pay for parking at the ready, to complete your registration.

Once I find a parking space, how do I start my PayByPhone session?

Once registered, you only need to park, click on the PayByPhone app on your mobile device, as your account information is already stored, enter the location number, select how long you wish to park for, confirm and you will be done! PayByPhone is easy, convenient and will relieve you of the stress of having to account for the parking time to avoid a ticket.

What kind of mobile phone can I use with PayByPhone?

Any smartphone, such as an Apple or Android device. By going to the PayByPhone website,, you can click on the appropriate link for your Smartphone to download the mobile app.

How can I avoid getting a parking ticket when using PayByPhone?

PayByPhone has a feature that will alert you via text message when your parking session is about to expire, thus allowing you to extend the time without having to walk to the vehicle and avoid getting a citation.

How much does it cost to register for PayByPhone?

Registration is free and the Miami Parking Authority covers all transaction fees at MPA locations. Other entities that use PayByPhone to collect payments may charge a small transaction fee.

Does PayByPhone require a minimum of minutes or hours?

No, customers have the ability to add the number of minutes or hours up to a maximum of three hours consecutively in a particular location.

Are the PayByPhone rates the same throughout the city of Miami?

No, rates vary by location.

Does Pay by Phone charge a fee for sending text alerts to smartphones? 

Yes, Pay by Phone assesses a $0.15 fee per message for sending text notifications to customers when their parking session commences and another text when it’s nearing expiration. However, customers may quickly opt out of these alerts in the Pay by Phone app to avoid incurring these fees. Customers who opt out of text notifications will still have the ability to extend their parking session without incurring fees remotely using the Pay by Phone app.

Can I use PayByPhone outside of the limits of the city of Miami?

Yes, you can use the PayByPhone app in any city or location that offers the service. Simply look for the PayByPhone logo and use that location number. Within the South Florida region PayByPhone is available in a variety of locations including Miami, Coral Gables and South Miami. This makes it easy for customers in these three municipalities to use the same system to pay for parking.

How do I extend the parking session using my Smartphone?

You can simply extend the time by clicking on the “extend” feature on the PayByPhone mobile app or by calling 1-866-234-7275 (PARK) before the parking session has expired.

How do the parking officers know that I have paid for parking?

When you pay for parking using PayByPhone, your parking status will be displayed on the handheld device used by the enforcement officers.

Can we add other vehicles to the same PayByPhone account?

Yes, for more details, please visit and click on “my account” in order to add more vehicles to your account. Or, visit the Vehicle Management tab in the settings of your app.Lastly, you can call PayByPhone at 1-866-234-7275.

How can we know that the credit card transaction is secured?

Yes, it is secured because the credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and it is never entered, displayed or spoken during a telephone transaction.

How do I know if PayByPhone is available where I parked?

The PayByPhone signs will be well displayed in all of the locations where PayByPhone is available. The signs will feature the Miami Parking Authority name, location number and steps to follow to pay with PayByPhone.

Can I use PayByPhone in the parking lots?

Yes, you can use PayByPhone in the parking spaces on the street as well as in those parking lots where PayByPhone is available, as indicated on the signage.

Can I obtain a payment receipt?

Yes, to print a receipt, please go to the PayByPhone website and, once you have logged in, the system will show you the account history where all of your transactions are saved. You will need to select the date and print the receipt.

Can I know in advance how much money will the parking session cost?

The app provides a quote of the total cost based on what location number you’ve entered and the duration you wish to park for.

If I decide to move my vehicle to another space within the same general area during my parking session, do I need to pay again, or can I finish the parking session I had already paid for?

Yes, you can move your vehicle to another parking space as long as the location number you used to pay for parking with PayByPhone is the same.

Is it possible to receive a citation/ticket even though I paid with PayByPhone?

Although this is unlikely to occur, you will need to review the copy of your PayByPhone receipt to ensure the location number and time for which you paid matches the space where your vehicle was parked and is within the time indicated on your citation. If you entered the right location number, or if your time had not expired, please call our Hotline 305-579-4900 Customer Service Department at (305) 373-6789 to have the citation cancelled.

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