Miami Parking Authority has replaced most traditional coin-fed meters with updated technology that accepts multiple forms of payment. These Pay and Display (P&D) machines make on-street parking easier, by accepting:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Coins
  • Dollar bills (in some downtown locations)

Each P&D machine replaces 8-10 traditional meters and operates on solar power. To pay for parking, walk to the nearest P&D (clearly marked by directional signs). Select the form of payment and amount of parking time desired, as indicated by printed instructions on the P&D.

The P&D will generate a dated and timed receipt that must be placed in clear view on your car’s dashboard. It will also print a detachable reminder slip noting the car’s location and meter expiration time. P&D receipts are fully transferable to any location, so you may move your vehicle to another P&D spot if time remains on the receipt. P&D machines automatically allow for a 10-minute grace period upon expiration.

If a P&D is out of service, walk to the nearest P&D and follow directions above. We encourage you to report meter problems you may encounter by accessing our customer service feedback area and requesting a meter check.