What is Pay by Plate?

Pay by Plate is a fairly new technology that will make it even easier for our customers to pay for parking. Customers, who park in the areas where Pay by Plate machines will be available, will no longer need coins or bills to pay for parking. They will only need a credit/debit card and their license plate number. However, the machines will accept coins and bills, if customers wish to pay with currency.

How does it work?

Paying for parking with Pay by Plate takes only 3 simple steps. Customers park, walk up to the nearest Pay by Plate machine, punch in their license plate number, make payment and VIOLA! Transaction is completed!

Do customers need to place the receipt on the dashboard?

No, with Pay by Plate it is not necessary to display the receipt on the dashboard.

How do parking enforcement officers know that I have paid?

With this new technology, once parking enforcement officers scan the license plate, their paid/unpaid status will be displayed on their tablets. That’s the reason why it is no longer necessary to display the receipt on the dashboard.

Is Miami Parking Authority the first agency to implement this system in Miami-Dade?

Actually, to the best of our knowledge, Miami Parking Authority is the first agency to pilot the Pay by Plate technology in Florida. In fact, the Pay by Plate technology is fairly new to the market. The program has already been implemented in Canada as well as in Amsterdam. And just a small number of cities in the U.S. have begun to pilot Pay by Plate.

Miami Parking Authority has always been at the forefront of parking innovation. The Authority was the first parking organization in Florida to adopt PayByPhone, a service that enjoys a high level of customer satisfaction because it has proven to be extremely convenient and easy for our customers.

Will the Pay by Plate devices replace all of the on-street parking meters?

The multi-space digital machines will replace approximately 60 on-street meters. The program will be piloted in certain areas of Coconut Grove and in downtown Miami for now. The program is expected to have a phased deployment to strategic areas within the boundaries of the city of Miami.

Does that mean that not all of the parking meters will be removed?

That is correct. Our intention is NOT to remove all of the on-street parking meters in the City. The Pay by Plate machines will be strategically placed in areas where the conditions are optimal for their use.

How many parking spaces are covered by one Pay by Plate device?

The number of spaces covered by each machine varies depending on the space available on each street or lot. However, on the average it can cover from 10-15 spaces and, in some cases, up to 40.

Is there a surcharge involved with this new technology?

No, there are no additional surcharges assessed.

In times of fiscal austerity, most customers would like to know if this new technology will have an impact on the taxpayer.

No, there is no fiscal impact on the taxpayer. Miami Parking Authority is a self-sustaining organization. We do not receive any public funds. Actually, the parking revenues that we generate go, after operational expenses, to the City of Miami.

What are the advantages to the customers with the option of Pay by Plate?

At Miami Parking Authority, we are always looking into innovative ways to make our customers’ parking experience easier and convenient. One of the advantages is that customers can, in locations where this feature is available, receive alerts on their smartphones signaling that the parking time is about to expire. Customers then can extend the time remotely, by using their smartphones, without having to walk back to the Pay by Plate device to add more time. By the way, this convenience will eliminate or reduce considerably the number of parking citations.

Please know that our main focus is not to write parking citations, as that money is a pass through function for the Authority. The revenues generated from parking citations are sent directly to the County.

How are we going to remember our license plates every time we walk up to the Pay by Plate device to pay for parking?

We intend to support the rollout of the Pay by Plate program with a public outreach campaign that will inform customers about the new program. It is through media segments like this one, that we can reach and inform large numbers of customers at once. One of the materials that we’ll be producing is a wallet card that customers can have at their fingertips to help them punch in the license plate in a matter of seconds.

Will the installation of the new technology displace some of your employees?

No, the adoption of Pay by Plate to our portfolio of products does not contemplate the elimination of positions. In fact, parking enforcement officers will still be required in order to verify payment status.

What is the rate schedule for parking with Pay by Plate?

Rates vary from area to area depending on demand, but will not change with the implementation of Pay by Plate.

When can customers start to experience this new method of paying for parking?

We have deployed this platform in downtown Miami and in Coconut Grove. For now, we are testing the system to make sure that we catch any glitches before we are fully operational.