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Miami Vehicular Protection

Updated 9/8/2017 6:41 PM

The Miami Parking Authority has opened the home plate garage at Marlins Park stadium. Gates will remain open until the garages reach full capacity. Please stay safe in the face of the storm.

A hurricane warning is now in effect. Garages 3 (College Station) and 4 (Knight Center) will be locked down shortly. Vehicles will not be allowed in or out until after the storm has passed and the warnings have been lifted. Please be safe.

In the wake of the major hurricanes that threatened and affected the City of Miami in the past, the City Commission and the Miami Parking Authority have teamed up to provide residents of the City of Miami the opportunity to park one vehicle per household free of charge in one of the Miami Parking Authority’s municipal garages. The program is available to all residents and employees of the City of Miami at any Miami Parking Authority.

This program will be in effect during Hurricane Season (June 1-November 30) each year. Depending on need, the Miami Resident Vehicle Storage Program (MVP) may be put into effect if other natural disasters require us to do so.

Participants must pre-register for the free Miami Resident Vehicle Storage Program through our website in advance.

How does it work?

Registered participants in turn will receive an MVP pass that will need to be shown and displayed upon entering and exiting the assigned Miami Parking Authority garage. Once a Hurricane Watch is issued by the National Hurricane Center or the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the MVP program will go into effect.

Participants will be able to begin storing their vehicles in the Miami Parking Authority garage they have been assigned to when registering. Participants will show their pass upon entrance and pull a ticket to indicate their time of entrance into the garage. Instructions may be given on where to park the vehicle as lower floors may be subject to flooding and higher floors in the garage may be affected by wind shear.

Participants must follow parking directions given by staff fully and in an orderly fashion.

All parking spaces in the garage will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis for registered participants. The participants will be able to access the garage up until the time the facility is full or it is closed due to the issuance of a Hurricane Warning. Once the warning order is issued, all facilities will be locked down and will not be accessible to anyone until after the threat or storm has passed. There are no exceptions. Persons who need access to their vehicle sooner than this time frame should not participate in the MVP program.

During the storm the safety of Miami Parking Authority staff and facilities is paramount. Therefore, there will be no access to the facilities until the Warning has been lifted and the EOC has given the all clear. Once the all clear order is issued, Miami Parking Authority facilities will re-open within four hours. This allows time for staff to make their way safely to work, open facilities and assess any potential damage or threats that may exist in each facility.

Participants in the MVP Program should not attempt to enter our facilities prior to them being reopened. Again, this program is designed as a courtesy to assist residents of the City of Miami in keeping their property safe. Nevertheless, it is further understood that life safety is our single most important priority and we will follow the orders issued through the EOC as it pertains to when to re-open. Even if the storm passes in less time and intensity than predicted, we will use the same time frame listed above for granting access.

Once the participants are ready to exit the garage, they will give the cashier their ticket and show their pass. This will allow MVP participants to exit the garage free of charge. The pass, which is sent to MVP participants upon registration, will be validated, time-stamped and returned to the participant. This pass is necessary to exit at no cost and should be retained by the customer for future use.

Please note that your assigned garage may not be the one closest to your residence.