First and foremost, citations written by Miami Parking Authority parking enforcement officers (PEOs) are payable directly to Miami-Dade County and MPA receives no revenue from their issuance; MPA has absolutely no financial incentive to issue citations. We strongly prefer to educate customers in order to to help them avoid tickets. That said, sound parking enforcement is essential to a healthy parking system: it enables the City to maximize use of the existing parking supply, and ensures that the street is used in the best interests of the community. For example:

  • PEOs issue citations to vehicles parked illegally, such as loading-zone violations, no-parking zones, fire lane violations, double parking, expired time zones, expired parking meters, disabled parking, etc.
  • PEOs help regulate turnover and increase the availability of parking for the City’s business clientele. For example, assume a business owner has only five parking spaces available – and the same cars are parked there day in and day out. He will no doubt lose customers.
  • PEOs ensure that this does not happen and that business traffic runs smoothly.