With an eye on innovation that engages the community, the Miami Parking Authority (MPA) will collaborate with The Onli Corporation (Onli) to provide an incubator space in its Courthouse Center garage.

This technology incubator will help governments, enterprises and entrepreneurs learn about how to use the internet of value to bring innovation to their industries. Onli creates tools that help people build applications that move value. Onli is patented technology that has been reliably used since 2010.

The MPA views this engagement as the intersection of collaboration and creativity to help grow local startup companies; foster talent; and harness the ability to build a stronger economic-development ecosystem in Miami.

“With this collaboration, the MPA cements its position as an economic-development proponent by supporting a community incubator that will help build entrepreneurship at every level in Miami,” said Alejandra “Alex” Argudin, Chief Executive Officer.  “This model will most likely serve as a blueprint for other parking-management organizations and governmental jurisdictions nationwide.”

While this technology can serve a wide range of governmental uses, blockchain-based projects are being championed by several national and international brands to trace the delivery of food products; enhance banking operations; and record property rights.

“This project will provide access to the single most important resource a community needs when faced with the emergence of a new industry: access to people who get it,” pointed out Onli’s chief operations officer Katherine Anton. “Dubbed Unicorn Stables, this space will be a place to gather, learn, be inspired, and collaborate.”

Onli is a new way to store value, move it around and keep it safe. It is a digital asset transfer technology not crypto. Onli has all the benefits of crypto with none of the problems. It fits within existing regulatory frameworks and meets accounting and auditing standards.