In these challenging times, the well-being, health and need of the Miami community is of our utmost concern. To that end, the Miami Parking Authority (MPA) has set aside a number of on-street spaces in high-demand commercial areas, free of charge, for vehicles picking up and delivering food and other essential items to customers. The program is being rolled out immediately throughout the downtown core, with other commercial areas expected to be added within the next couple of days.

“We are conscious of the impact of the COVID-19 from the human health as well as economic perspectives, and we are asking for the public’s help not to use these dedicated spaces for purposes other than pickups and deliveries,” said Alejandra “Alex” Argudin, Chief Executive Officer. “We stand ready to do everything possible to help the community in the face of this emergency, but we need the public to cooperate with us.”

These free, dedicated spaces are expected to make pickups and deliveries quicker and more efficient, in an effort to help customers, drivers and merchants alike. The on-street spaces will be identified by the signage posted in front of them. We will be updating our website periodically as we dedicate additional spaces in commercial areas, where restaurants are open for pickup and delivery service.