Miami Parking Authority

Sensor Pilot Project in Coconut Grove

Over the next few weeks, you will notice some activity on certain streets, as parking sensors are installed around Coconut Grove.  This is a pilot project spearheaded by the Miami Parking Authority aimed at alleviating traffic congestion, maximizing parking space occupancy, and reducing unnecessary fuel emissions by obtaining an accurate parking picture for the area.

A parking sensor is a small electronic device installed in the ground of each parking space. It detects and records the time a vehicle arrives and departs in a parking space. The sensors will help motorists find parking more easily through a free app which is compatible with all types of smart phones.

The sensors will also be installed in some limited-waiting spaces like loading zones. . . This will support local businesses by ensuring that deliveries can be made while still allowing customers to find a place to park quickly and easily.

Note that the sensors do not collect any information about the vehicle aside from its presence.