Miami Parking Authority

Park Your Art

The eight winners of the first edition of Wynwood’s Park-Your-Art contest will get their creative juices flowing to turn district parking machines into pieces of art on Thursday, November 19, 2015, when they will paint their artwork live before the public. The winners will each be assigned one parking machine in Wynwood which will be their canvas for the day.
The initiative, a partnership between Miami Parking Authority and Beefree Media, allows local artists to gain exposure by adding liveliness to an often overlooked device. The Pay-and-Display machines will be covered with an anti-graffiti lamination to protect the designs, which will remain on display through Miami’s Art Basel 2015 season and until next year’s contest.
“Wynwood is a mecca of street art and galleries, and we’re excited to see our equipment become part of that,” said Alejandra Argudin, MPA’s chief operations officer. “This a great opportunity to expose our very talented local artists whose creative works of art reflect our city’s style.”
“IHeart 305,” the theme of the 2015 Wynwood’s Park-Your-Art contest, shares a message of love for the community. For several weeks, the contest seeked the participation of emerging and established artists who submitted their original artwork proposals and shared what they love about Miami. The winners were selected based on originality of content, technique and creative interpretation of the theme.
“This project will allow emerging as well as established artists to use an innovative and usually overlooked space to create and showcase their skills and talent,” said Stuart Lujan, owner of Beefree Media.